webpic3The Raintown Poets

A little off the map, where no-one ever looks, way past the bit that says “Here Be Monsters”, this is where The Raintown Poets weave their evocative, musical spells. Working tirelessly* under unending grey clouds in the shadowy land know as “The North” the Poets create plaintive and haunting music that is a little difficult to categorise (though that doesn’t stop people trying).

Ambient, electronic soundscapes, coldly electronic in texture and yet eerily human and organic, call you back to listen again and again. The Poets immersive, densely melodic pieces, rich in detail yet minimal and simple in structure are at once difficult to describe and different enough to bear repeated listening.

Their debut album was inspired by a TV documentary about Deep Space and the concept that everything that exists in our Universe is made up of the same atoms scattered by the Big Bang – the dust and debris – “From The Ashes Of Stars..” It’s an attempt to capture the feeling of space and our place within and as part of it, how we are at once remote and isolated and yet connected to the farthest reaches of our universe – and perhaps beyond. It also explores our own feeling of personal space and how we relate to the immediate world around us.

However, it seems more important not to influence listeners’ thoughts with clumsy attempts to explain literally how this sound or that melody came about, but to let them form their own interpretations.

A more extensive Raintown Poets bio will appear here soon, along with more details about what they are going to be getting up to in the next few months. In the meantime, you can listen to excerpts from the forthcoming digital release of  “from the ashes of stars” to see what all the fuss is about.

Prior to it’s full release, the Poets decided to release a hand-crafted, printed and signed limited edition of only 101 copies, a small number of which are still available to order.

The CD was produced entirely in house. Each is one lovingly burned to BlueBook specification with hand printed artwork and individually signed and numbered by Head Poet Paddy O’Grady. In an age of digital downloads, it provides a personal and valuable physical record of the work, which will undoubtedly appreciate in value as the Poets’ stock rises.

Price for this artefact is a mere £19.99 +p&p; it’s available to buy now, visit the shop to find out more.

* OK, we’re exaggerating a bit here..